Vincent Alzey

Last Exile character
Vincent Alzey on the Urbanus' bridge.
First appearance Develop
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Hozumi Gōda
Steven Blum
Japanese name ヴィンセント・アルツアイ
Age 28
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D637
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Captain of the Urbanus

Vincent Alzey is a naval officer of Anatoray and a friend of Alex Row and Sophia Forrester.

Last Exile[edit | edit source]

Initially appointed Admiral of Anatoray's fleet and captain of the Urbanus, he was relieved of his command after Alex sank four out of five of his Urbanus-class ships. Despite this, he respects Alex, knowing his strengths in combat and strategy (they were in the Officers' Academy together; indeed, before the battle, Vincent met Alex to try to persuade him to keep the Silvana out of battles). A great lover of coffee, Vincent likes to enjoy life. But when duty calls, he's not about to sit back either. When Sophia was imprisoned by her father and about to be killed by a guard, he barges into her room and saves her. Some of his dialogue also hints at a romantic interest in Sophia, despite her obvious affections for Alex. With her command as Empress, Vincent resumed his command as Admiral and captain of the Urbanus, this time leading Alliance ships into a grand battle against the Guild.

Vincent Alzey

Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing character
Vincent aboard the Silvius
First appearance Connected Passed Pawn
Created by Range Murata
Japanese name ヴィンセント・アルツアイ
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D637
Nationality United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith
Occupation Commander-in-Chief of the Vanguard Unit

Fam: The Silver Wing[edit | edit source]

Vincent Alzey returns in Fam as the Commander-in-Chief of the Vanguard Unit of the United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith. He is in charge of the government of the kingdom on Earth while its main force is to be transported on the Anatorian Exile from Prester.

Vincent first appears in Fam as a gatecrasher on Fam's birthday party aboard Silvius. He later escapes from the Grand Lake aboard Urbanus when Liliana il Grazio Merlo Turan takes charge of the captured Turan fleet and attacks Silvius.

In "Triangulation", it is shown that he retreated back to Anatoray after this attack and is now guarding its wheat fields.

Concept Art[edit | edit source]

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