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Vitellius Glamis

Last Exile character
Vitellius Glamis.jpg
Vitellius Glamis outside the capital
First appearance Fairy Chess
Last appearance Making Material
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Takehiro Koyama
Japanese name ヴィテリウス・グラミス
Age 60
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D604
Date of death G.D664
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Commander of the Anatoray army
Title General

Vitellius Glamis is an Anatoray military commander.


Upon learning of the Emperor's death during the Disith assault on the Imperial Capital, he orders his men to defend the capital with their own lives. His ambition drives him to defy a ceasefire order with Disith to the point that he is willing to kill heir apparent Princess Sophia Forrester in order to set "the foundation of a reborn Anatoray". The sixty-year-old is killed when the Urbanus destroys the Scolopendra Cannon used to bombard the attacking Disith ships.


  • His name was based on the actual historical figure Vitellius, who led the Roman Empire for several months during the Year of the Four Emperors.

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