Last Exile

Walker Palace exterior, sporting the Casino Royale sign

Walker Palace is a floating dock home to Casino Royale (ΧΑΣΙΝΟ ΡΟΨΑΛΕ) and a repair station run by Walker.

The casino in particular is a popular destination for Anatoray crews on shore leave. While the ship is being repaired, refueled, and refurbished in the docks, the crew can enjoy fine dining and gamble on racing birds. The Casino Royale also features covered docks for those who wish to hide the presence of their ship or the exact nature of the work being performed on it from prying eyes; the Silvana often makes use of one such dock.


When visiting the Casino Royale in Episode 8, Lavie Head looks at the following menu to order water:

  • I Πρωτος Πολις LXXX
  • II Δεύτερος Ψεσδχια LXX
  • III Τρίτος Ιστδχια LX
  • IV Τέταρτος Αςυλαπρικα L
  • V Πέμπτος Ορυςαβυργ XXX
  • VI Εκτος Ενγβργ XX
  • VII Εβδομος Γρανδ Φονταινε XV
  • VIII Ογδοος Ροτφλυς XI
  • IX Ενατος Μιναγισ V
  • X Δέκατος Νορδχια III

A translation is:

  • 1 First City 80
  • 2 Second Weskia 70
  • 3 Third Eastkia 60
  • 4 Fourth Aslaprika 50
  • 5 Fifth Orsaberg 30
  • 6 Sixth Engberg 20
  • 7 Seventh Grand Fontaine 15
  • 8 Eighth Rotflys 11
  • 9 Ninth Minagith 5
  • 10 Tenth Norkia 3

The first two columns appear to indicate the quality of the water; the third column is the city that the water comes from, and the fourth column is the price.