Last Exile
Wina Lightning

Last Exile character
Wina Lightning at her post aboard the Silvana
First appearance First Move
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Ryōko Nagata
Midge Mayes
Japanese name ウィナ・ライトニング
Age 21
Gender Female
Date of birth G.D644
Nationality Anatoray
Class Second Lieutenant
Occupation Listening post

Wina Lightning is a second lieutenant and chief acoustician and is a bridge officer aboard the Silvana.

Character Outline[]


She wanted to be a musician but was forced to join the army because of financial problems. Her exceptional sense of hearing has made her the "secret weapon" of the Silvana, and allows her to hear many things that others are not capable of hearing. She trains herself by continuously listening to the different acoustic signatures present in the Grand Stream, from the sound of a rainbird flock to the signature of a Disith battleship's remains. When the Silvana enters the Grand Stream, she is tasked with locating Exile by the sound of its engines.

When the flagship of Delphine Eraclea is destroyed during battle over the Gateway, Wina is able to hear the last words of Alex Row. She lies to Sophia about them, saying that he said "Sophia" instead of "Euris".

Concept Art[]

Spheres 2

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